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18 West Blackwell Street, Dover, NJ, 07801

To request a van visit, please email Almeida Burgos or call 973-328-9100, ext. 1271. To view the van’s schedule, click here.

About Zufall Health Delta Dental Mobile

The Zufall Health Delta Dental Mobile is a licensed extension of Zufall Health, providing high-quality, affordable dental care to community partners in areas of high need. It focuses on serving children, the homeless, public housing residents, veterans, and farm workers and their family members​​.

Eligibility and Appointments

Eligible patients include those who are uninsured, have Medicaid or NJ Family Care. Pre-registration is usually required, but walk-ins are also welcome. The van’s visit and appointment scheduling are coordinated with a liaison at the partner site, or by Zufall Outreach staff if a liaison is not available.

Registration Procedure

New patients must register before their first dental appointment. Registration requires identification, proof of income, and verification of address. A sliding scale fee is applied for uninsured patients based on their ability to pay. The first visit involves a clinical exam, x-rays, and a treatment plan, followed by scheduling for cleaning or periodontal scaling as needed

Adult Dental Services:

  1. Preventive Exams and Cleanings: Regular check-ups to maintain oral health.
  2. Prosthetic and Restorative Work: Includes treatments like fillings, crowns, partials, and dentures.
  3. Extractions: Removal of teeth when necessary.
  4. Emergency Services: Immediate care for dental emergencies.
  5. X-Rays: Essential for diagnosing dental issues not visible to the naked eye.
  6. Preventive Care: Focus on preventing dental issues before they develop​​.

Pediatric Dental Services:

  1. Preventive Care Exams: Regular check-ups to reduce the risk of tooth decay.
  2. Coordination of Care with Zufall Pediatricians: Integrated care approach.
  3. X-Rays and Cleanings: Essential for maintaining children’s oral health.
  4. Fluoride Treatments and Sealant Applications: Preventive treatments to protect teeth.
  5. Fillings: Treatment for cavities.
  6. Oral Health Education: Educating children on good oral health habits.
  7. Orthodontic Needs Assessments: Evaluating the need for braces or other orthodontic treatments.
  8. Extractions: Removal of teeth when necessary for children.
  9. Team Knock Out Cavities Program: Encourages early dental visits and preventive care​​.


You're Not Alone.

Join our support groups and connect with others who understand.

If you’re in crisis or need immediate assistance, please contact 988 for Emergency Mental Health Support or dial 911.


RYan White Program

We look forward to working with you to provide you with excellent care and treatment.  Please call our office in Somerville (908)-526-2335 ext. 1874 and ask for Elias or ext. 1128 and ask for Erica to speak directly with one of our Ryan White team members to set up a dental appointment.  You can ask for a Ryan White Case Manager if you have more questions about the services we provide.  You can also send us an email at jmeza@zufallhealth.org.  Your privacy, safety and treatment is our top priority.

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