Find Trusted Providers for Confidential Counseling and Testing in New Jersey

Empower yourself with knowledge about your health. We guide you to trusted providers in New Jersey offering confidential HIV counseling and testing services. It’s about getting the support and information you need, in a safe and respectful environment.

The Importance of Knowing Your Status

Regular HIV testing is a critical part of healthcare, especially if you’re at increased risk. Our listed providers offer comprehensive testing services, ensuring you can access the care and information you need to stay informed and healthy.


Your Guide to Counseling and Testing Locations in New Jersey

Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not know your status, get tested!!! There are a number of places where you can walk in for testing or make an appointment. Some take insurance, others are completely free. (See the counseling and testing page on this site if you are near NJ). Knowing your status is the first step in living healthy. Consider getting tested at a location that also treats people with HIV and offers case management services so that your link to medication, information and professional support is as fast as possible. If none of the sites listed on this website are convenient for you, you can find other counseling and testing programs here:

HIV counseling and testing is designed to follow a specific process to ensure you receive resources whether you are HIV positive or negative. You will meet with someone who is trained to provide counseling and discussion while you wait for your result. You will find out your preliminary result within 20 minutes and receive counseling about your next steps. You may also receive a second test to confirm the initial results.

If you are diagnosed with HIV, you can expect to meet a team of professionals. Each person on the team is specifically trained to address the kinds of needs we’ve seen in many patients post diagnosis. Medical Case Managers will link you with other services you need to promote good health (ex. medication access for un/underinsured…)

If you are NOT diagnosed with HIV, your counselor should be able to link you with some prevention resources to ensure that you maintain your negative HIV status.

Currently, there is no cure but scientists have made considerable progress in the last decades. People who maintain ongoing treatment live long and healthy lives.


Check out our page on counseling and testing locations in the tri-county area. Many sites offer free testing. If none of those sites are accessible, try finding a site that meets your needs here:
Outside of New Jersey, try your local municipal and/or county health departments.

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If you’re in crisis or need immediate assistance, please contact 988 for Emergency Mental Health Support or dial 911.
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