Food Bank Service Standards

Food Bank Service Standards

Approved on January 13, 2022

Reviewed November 11, 2023

Prepared by

Service Standards and Integrated Care Committee of the 

Middlesex-Hunterdon-Somerset HIV Health Services Planning Council

Food Bank Service Definition:

Food bank/home-delivered meals include the provision of actual food or meals. It does not include finances to purchase food or meals. The provision of essential household supplies such as hygiene items and household-cleaning supplies should be included in this item.  This includes vouchers to purchase food.

Source: (US Dept. of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration, (HRSA), HIV/AIDS Bureau (HAB) 2009 Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Modernization Act of 2009.

Staff Standards of Care

(Food Bank)

Activity/IssueMinimum Acceptable Threshold of
1.1Staff hiringStaff will have necessary skills and
experience determined by
● Written application
● Resume
● References
● Personal interview
100% of personnel files
document application,
resume, and communication
with personal references.
1.2(a)Staff qualifications Staff have a diploma, certificate or license
(if appropriate) or experience
documented in personnel file.
100% of staff possesses a
diploma, certificate or
license (if appropriate) or
experience documented in
personnel file
1.2(b)Staff qualifications
Peer Navigator
A member of the peer community living
with HIV/AIDS with a high school diploma
or GED, plus two years of social service
experience. Peer must demonstrate
understanding of HIV services and
healthcare service navigation.
100% of staff possesses a
diploma/GED with the
required experience
documented in personnel
1.3Staff job
Staff will be given a written job
description. The job description includes
definition of food bank services
100% of staff has job
description and service
standard documented in
personnel file.
1.4Staff trainingStaff are trained and knowledgeable on:
● HIV/AIDS and the affected tri-county
community including disease process,
co-morbidities and psychosocial effects
of the disease.
● Cultural humility
● Client confidentiality, client rights,
agency grievance procedures
100% of personnel files
document training.
1.5Staff continuing
Staff participate in at least one continuing
education training per year that is
available and appropriate.
100% personnel files
document training.
1.6Staff supervisionSupervisors are knowledgeable about RW
HIV food bank services and procedures
including fiscal and program
Staff will receive (at minimum) one hour
supervision per week to develop skills
100% of supervisors are
knowledgeable about RW
Supervision is documented
in personnel file
1.7Policies and
Signed form is documented in personnel
100% of staff agrees to
follow agency policies and
1.8Staff evaluationStaff evaluations are documented in
personnel files
100% of staff is evaluated on
their performance annually
1.9DocumentationStaff will keep written documents of
contact with consumers in accordance
with RW data collection procedures
100% of all contacts are
documented in client files.

Client Standards of Care

(Food Bank Services)

Policy NumberActivity/IssueMinimum Acceptable Threshold of ServiceAccountability
2.1Client EligibilityIn order to be eligible for services,
individuals must meet the following:
● HIV+
● Residing or receiving services
in the Middlesex, Somerset,
Hunterdon TGA
● Income no greater than 500%
of the Federal Poverty Level
● Documented need that Ryan
White is payer of last resort
90% of consumers have
eligibility documented in
their file
2.2Access to other ResourcesDocumentation that other sources of food assistance are not adequate90% of consumer records
have verification of the level
of access to other resources
2.3Access to food vouchersDocumentation of food vouchers
● Amount of voucher
● Name of vendor
● Mechanism to ensure
purchases are allowable under
federal funding
100% of consumer records
document distribution of
food vouchers
2.4Referral to the food programIn order to qualify for Ryan White food
bank services, consumers must have
an internal referral in CAREWare from
a Ryan White funded agency.
Completion of referral is documented
within two business days of pick
90% of Ryan White
consumers have referrals
from Ryan White agencies in
2.5Access to food service
for a standard referral
Consumers who are referred to the
food program will receive at least one
food package in the month of the
100% of consumers who
pick up their food will have
a unit of service within the
month of service.
meals include the
provision of actual food
or meals, fresh
produce, and
emergency food access
Food Distribution Packages distributed
to Ryan White consumers as part of
this program must contain a variety of
foods that includes protein and
90% of Ryan White Service
units reflect food
distribution packages that
contain meat and/or
vegetables. Provider enters
the amount of produce and
meat distributed
2.7Verification of delivery
of service
Agency will monitor food distribution
through a log
100% of pick up days will
maintain a log that includes
client signature.
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