Medical Transportation Service Standards

Approved on January 4, 2022

Prepared by

Service Standards and Integrated Care Committee of the 

Middlesex-Hunterdon-Somerset HIV Health Services Planning Council

Medical Transportation Service Definition:



Medical Transportation is the provision of nonemergency transportation that enables an eligible client to access or be retained in core medical and support services.   


Program Guidance:

Medical transportation may be provided through:

  • Contracts with providers of transportation services
  • Mileage reimbursement (through a non-cash system) that enables clients to travel to needed medical or other support services, but should not in any case exceed the established rates for federal Programs (Federal Joint Travel Regulations provide further guidance on this subject)
  • Purchase or lease of organizational vehicles for client transportation programs, provided the recipient receives prior approval for the purchase of a vehicle
  • Organization and use of volunteer drivers (through programs with insurance and other liability issues specifically addressed)
  • Voucher or token systems


Costs for transportation for medical providers to provide care should be categorized under the service category for the service being provided.


Unallowable costs include:

  • Direct cash payments or cash reimbursements to clients
  • Direct maintenance expenses (tires, repairs, etc.) of a privately-owned vehicle
  • Any other costs associated with a privately-owned vehicle such as lease, loan payments, insurance, license, or registration fees.


Source: HIV/AIDS Bureau Policy Clarification Notice (PCN) #16-02 (2018)

Staff Standards of Care

(Medical Transportation Services)

Activity/IssueMinimum Acceptable Threshold of Service

Accountability Mechanism

1.1Staff hiringStaff will have necessary skills and experience determined by
*Written application
*Personal interview

100% of personnel files include application, resume, and communication with personal references.

1.2Staff qualificationsStaff have a diploma, certificate or license (if appropriate) or experience documented in personnel file100% of staff possesses a diploma, certificate or license (if appropriate) or experience documented in personnel file

1.3Staff job descriptionsStaff will be given a written job description. The job description includes definition of psychosocial support

100% of staff have job description documented in personnel file.

1.4Staff trainingStaff are trained and knowledgeable on:
*HIV/AIDS and the affected community including disease process, co-morbidities and psychosocial effects of the disease.
*Cultural humility
*Entitlement programs, benefits to clients, and community resources/support services
*Client confidentiality, client rights, agency grievance procedures

Training is documented in 100% of personnel files.
1.5Staff continuing educationStaff participate in at least one continuing education training per year that is available and appropriate.

Training is documented in 100% of personnel files.
1.6Staff supervisionSupervisors are knowledgeable about Ryan White HIV medical transportation services and procedures including fiscal and program

Staff will receive (at minimum) one hour supervision per week to develop skills

100% of supervisors are knowledgeable about the Ryan White program.

Supervision is documented in 100% of personnel files.
1.7Policies and procedures

Signed form is documented in the personnel file.

100% of staff agrees to follow agency policies and procedures (See Universal Service Standards).
1.8Staff evaluationStaff evaluations are documented in personnel files.100% of staff is evaluated on their performance annually.

1.9DocumentationStaff will keep written documents of contact with clients in accordance with Ryan White data collection procedures100% of all contacts are documented in client files.

Client Standards of Care

(Medical Transportation Services)

Activity/IssueMinimum Acceptable Threshold of ServiceAccountability Mechanism

2.1Client eligibility for any RW Service

In order to be eligible for services, individuals must meet the following:
*Residing or receiving services in the Middlesex, Somerset, Hunterdon TGA
*Income no greater than 500% of the Federal Poverty Level.

100% of clients have documentation of HIV+ status, residence, and income.

2.2Document level of access to other transportation services

Client must attempt to access other forms of transportation including but not limited to:
*Medicaid transportation
*Free public transportation
*Other sources of transportation services for which client is eligible
95% of clients’ charts describe level of access to other forms of transportation

2.3Referral to medical transportation programIn order to qualify for Ryan White medical transportation services, clients must present documented need within the provider agency OR an internal referral from a Ryan White provider agency.

100% of Ryan White clients have documented need or referral from Ryan White agencies as demonstrated in CAREWare.

2.4Confirmation of health related need for transportationDestination is confirmed to provide a health outcome related service. This may include Ryan White associated service categories.

95% of clients’ charts have a documented verification of the need.
2.5Access to transportationEligible clients are provided transportation via:
*pre-arranged taxi, Lyft, UBER, etc.
*bus/train ticket
*Appointment must be confirmed for use*

90% of clients’ charts reflect documentation of mode of transportation

2.6CommunicationClients are given a minimum of two business days advance notification of scheduled appointment including point of origin and destination.

90% of clients’ charts reflect notification of transportation access within 2 business days of appointment

2.7ReassessmentEach client receiving medical transportation services must have their Ryan White eligibility reassessed every six months.

90% of client files have documentation of eligibility reassessment
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